Fortnite Personality Test

Where do you usually land?

When you land what do you usually do?

What do you do when you see 2 players fighting?

Which of the following would you carry?

If the zone if very small which would you most likely do?

If you're in a squads game and you're on 50 health and your team needs help, what would you do?

Which of the following do you prefer?

How many healing items do you usually carry?

Which of the following shotguns do you prefer?

What would you do if someone lands with you in the same house?

Fortnite Personality Test
Aggressive player

You usually like to play the game aggressively and push a lot. You like to enjoy the PvP action more than winning that game.
Safe player

You like to play the game safely, you don't like to get in fights you don't have to get into. You prefer to win the game rather than PvP other players.